Industrial loft

Conversion of old, unused industrial spaces into new living areas is something we were always most interested in and that's the main reason why we decided to do this project.

Renovated space is treated as one whole unit converted from its original purpose into new living space which maintain all elements that makes industrial lofts appealing (exposed concrete, high ceilings, big windows, air vents, beams, columns,...)

Entire space can be divided into three functional areas. Left from main entrance, which is located centrally, are located kitchen and dining area. On the right side from main entrance are living area and home library. Space between those two functional areas is used as "reading corner" and can be also used as salon.

Most of its original materials and construction elements are kept in order to preserve industrial spirit and feeling of the loft. Furniture used in this project is intended to break the rigidness of the space itself and create worm and welcoming atmosphere. Transition between brick wall and exposed concrete with new use of the space is achieved through industrial element design such as weathered wooden flooring and light fixtures.

Project was published in "Loft residences" by "Artpower" publisher.